• The leaderboard is an important feature of the Prime Captain fantasy sports app. You may win or lose the grand league, but you will still have a chance to win the big amount in the leaderboard.
  • Prime Captain provides leaderboards for major sporting leagues such as the INDIAN T20 LEAGUE, the Indian Football League, and so on.
  • To participate in the leaderboard, you must join the Mega Contest/Grand League of the mentioned matches.
  • You can join a minimum of 1 team and a maximum of 11 teams. Total team points are calculated, and the team with the most points is declared as the Leaderboard winner.

Terms & Conditions:

  • To be eligible for the Leaderboard you need to participate only in the mega contests.
  • The daily points scored by your team will be displayed on the Leaderboard within one hour of match completion.
  • Cash prizes will be distributed to the winner's wallet within 2-3 days after the league's completion.
  • The ranking of the users might vary daily according to the points earned by their team.
  • If a match is Cancelled or Abandoned, then its points will not be considered in Leaderboard.
  • The overall total points of each team that participated in the Mega Contest will be added to the Leaderboard.
  • Users can join a minimum of 1 team and a maximum of 11 teams in the leaderboard.
  • Only Mega Contests points are calculated in Leaderboard.
  • If there is a TIE between two users with the same rank and equal points, then the prize will be distributed equally.
  • Check out our offers section to find out which league we have provided the Leaderboard.

TIP: More teams in every match, more your chances of being on TOP the Leaderboard.

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