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Fantasy Games Tips & Tricks

Winning at fantasy games needs a combination of skill, patience, and perseverance. A fantasy sports player earns points based on the players he chooses and how they perform in real-life matches. This is true for all types of gaming, including practice tournaments and paid leagues. Second, each league has a set number of positions that are played. Please keep in mind that you will only be eligible to win a prize if you fit into that category. As a result, we encourage you to schedule your Practice Contests on a daily basis so that you can study and improve like a pro.

Following are some winning fantasy sports tips that you should employ when playing.


1. Analyze Each Match Performance

After each match, sit down and evaluate your decisions, comparing them to real-life outcomes. People frequently select players based on personal preferences, but fantasy sportssuch as fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and fantasy kabaddi do not work on this basis. Choose players based on their real-life performances and consistency and take part in fantasy cricket games online on the best fantasy cricket app Prime Captain.

Fantasy sports, in a nutshell, are online virtual games that are completely based on the performance of players in real life. The game does demand you to have a basic understanding of the sport while also requiring you to closely follow the sport in real life.

2. Remember the Toss

It's critical to be mindful of the toss time, especially in sports like cricket, where the outcome of the toss can determine the outcome of the entire game. Make sure you're aware of this, and remove any players that aren't playing from your team to improve your chances of winning in fantasy cricket.

3. Check Team News & Updates.

Keep an eye out for any new information about the team. Even a change in management might have an impact on the final lineup. Keep an eye on the other important details, such as what the captains have to say at the post-match press conferences. They might be able to provide you with some insight into the starting lineup for the following game. Check which player is injured in the previous match. Any player who is injured or who is returning to play after a long layoff should be excluded. They would take their time to improve their game once more.

4. Select players based on the order in which they will appear on the field.

Take a look at the playing order of the batsmen you're considering before making your team. If you select a batsman to bat in the 4th or 5th position, he may not have a chance to bat. Such small things also you have to be considered in fantasy cricket

5. Analyze Weather and Pitch Report

Don't forget to consider the weather and pitch, as both are important elements in determining how the game will play out. Choose spinners if the pitch is dry. Choose swing bowlers and batsmen if the pitch is green. Furthermore, when the weather is gloomy and the ball tends to move a lot, selecting quality seam bowlers is essential.

Keep an eye on the pitch's conditions as well. If the pitch is flat, for example, select more batsmen or all-rounders who can bowl and bat.

6. Select the correct Combination

You have 11 players to choose from, including a Wicket Keeper, Batsmen, Bowler, and All-Rounders for your squad. You increase your chances of winning, make sure to select the optimum combination.

7. Choose Captain and Vice-Captain wisely

A captain and vice-captain are important members of your squad. Selecting the appropriate captain and vice-captain for your squad can make all the difference. This is one of the most important factors in determining whether you will win big or lose big. Your team's captain awards you two times the points he or she has earned, while the vice-captain awards you 1.5 times the points earned. Here's where the research comes in to assist you to pick the appropriate players.

You may wish to form many teams rather than just one. To boost your chances of winning, you can form up to 11 teams on Prime Captain Fantasy sports app. Create various teams with different players, each having its own captain and vice-captain.

8. Creating More Than One Team:

You may wish to form many teams rather than just one. To boost your chances of winning, you can form up to 11 teams on Prime Captain Fantasy sports app. Create various teams with different players, each having its own captain and vice-captain.


Football is the most popular sport in the world with players from all over the globe participating. To score a goal in this sport, players need to be well-versed and well-trained. Football is extremely popular, and the majority of people choose to watch it and play on digital platforms as well. The rising demand for sports has created a more dynamic atmosphere and made many tremendous moments. By using our fantasy football advice, you can easily win fantasy football matches. But, before you do so, be sure you've improved your ability to play with skill and spirit.

Fantasy football is not merely an online game that is played to win or earn, but it is a sports game that is participated and played for the passion of many sports lovers. If you enjoy playing football, you can participate in any match to show off your skills and passion for the game. Millions of soccer lovers participate in fantasy football each year on Prime Captain, and if you are one of those, you'll learn and benefit from this Fantasy Football advice to assist you gear up for leagues or daily fantasy sports challenges. And if you want to win these leagues, you may do it by following our fantasy football advice and winning real mon

1. Monitor the Performance of Players

Monitoring every player with their past and ongoing performance plays a great role as you will be aware of their performance and scores that you can score by selecting them.

Make sure you choose those who are actively playing on the field rather than your favourite players. Don’t be biased, be practical and logical.

Determining the recent performance level will aid you to know if they can help you to earn by their skills so that you can reap the maximum benefit of our contests on the Prime Captain Fantasy App.

2. Choose a squad that can increase your scores

Choosing those players who will fill the volume of your team will not give you bountiful results. Remember value matters more than volume.

You are allowed to choose 11 players of your choice which includes a goalkeeper, midfielder, defender and striker.

Be sure you select the correct combination as all these core players together will aid your team to score.

3. Upgrade to Choose Attackers

You will need a plan of action and you'll want to pick one of the most skilful players for your team in fantasy football.

Goal scorers will only give you the higher number of points, but skilled players will aid you win the majority of the time in matches.

Your fantasy football team will undoubtedly win with the help of these fantasy football strategies. Make sure to give priority to attackers rather than just the goal scorer.

4. Be wise while selecting Captain and Vice-Captain

It's vital to have the correct captain and vice-captain in your fantasy football team.

So, when choosing your team's captain and vice-captain, be cautious.

Your team's captain will receive 2x points, while the vice-captain will receive 1.5x points. You may choose people who are capable of dealing with any situation.

5. Examine Score Points

The outcome of fantasy football is determined by your score.

If you obtain the greatest score in your league match, be sure to achieve greater scores throughout your practice period.

The value of your quarterbacks will be affected by your league score, and you will be able to add more relative value to position players as a result. Strive for high credit points to join one of the top teams.

6. Participate regularly

Participating regularly is the key factor for winning as will give you a clear idea of the pitch.

The more matches you participate in the more your knowledge and prediction skills will expand.

Live scores statistics are calculated into your team’s fantasy points. The better your knowledge of the selected player and performance in the live match, the more you score the points.

You will master your skills of decision making, efficient planning, analytical skills and learning-ability which will aid you to rule in Fantasy Sports.


Each basketball enthusiast has presumably once longed to turn into a manager. Perhaps this is on the grounds that your number one group's front office simply continues to miss the mark and you dream about assuming control over the association so you could make the right exchanges and pick the right possibilities, or perhaps you simply need to get as near the game as could be expected and have an attempt at applying your B-Ball IQ. Through fantasy basketball, fans can step into the shoes of the GM and assemble their own squad, rivalling other fantasy General Managers in their own separate team. Certain individuals like to do it for entertainment only, while others acquaint a money-related perspective with the opposition. Here we will be discussing some key fantasy basketball tips which can make you ahead of your opponent before the match so that you can make the most out of Prime Captain the best Fantasy App and take part in our Fantasy Basketball contests.

1. Gather statistics and information

If you want to be way ahead of your opponents, then the first thing you should keep in mind is gathering information and statistics for the match you are playing. The information and stats can be gathered surfing the internet as there are various sites that provide match previews. Here also you will get the updated match information, key players, head-to-head statistics, and various other information which will be helpful for making your fantasy basketball team.

2. Select your captain and vice-captain sensibly

In fantasy basketball, all the players on your team are required to perform for you to score fine and win. Picking the right captain and the vice-captain is of extreme importance. The captain gets 2X points and the vice-captain gets 1.5X points for their game performances. You must capitalize on that factor and select the best players as your captain and vice-captain. It could win the contest for you single-handedly, especially in small contests. Even though there aren’t any exact fantasy tips to choose a good captain or vice-captain, Point Guards are likely to score more points than any other player. So, you can give them priority over others.

3. Decide a selection according to your contest

Your system should be to a great extent subject to whether you're playing in a grand league or H2H contest. The various sorts of fantasy platforms go by various principles and things that have an effect on one don't be guaranteed to influence the other kind of fantasy contest. By fitting your system with your contest's format, you can settle on smarter choices in light of specific contemplations like a player's physical issue history and shooting rates. Obscure players or players creating their debut can assist you in adjusting your team with joining. They are accessible for a lower value and are not picked by most of the expert players. Nonetheless, such players can have an effect by scoring huge points which will eventually make your team stand apart.

4. Be wise while selecting Captain and Vice-Captain

It's vital to have the correct captain and vice-captain in your fantasy football team.

5. Believe in your instincts

Aside from expertise, examination, and information on the game, you need to pay attention to your gut feelings while choosing players for your fantasy Basketball team. It resembles being from a commander's point of view while going with a choice on who to give the ball to or who to be included in your group when they are in a troublesome time. It might work here and there and may not work at different times. For instance, a player might not have performed well in the past few matches or may not be a famous pick for the impending match, however assuming you have an inclination that the player will score enormous points or score a lot of baskets in the match, select the player for your group. Assuming the player performs well, you will have a higher chance of winning.


If winning is not easy or if you want to know how to select the perfect team for your Fantasy Kabbadi lineup then this guide is made for you.

Kabbadi is one of the top 3 categories in Fantasy Sports and therefore it is important to follow a certain guide or the method to select the most optimized team so that you can win more and more contests.

Use these useful tips in your kabbadi fantasy teams and start your journey to become the best kabbadi fantasy player

1. Usage of Credit Points.

Credits are the currency used in these contests that allow you to select your player for your team credits are exchanged for that player's spot in your team.

Each player has a different credit value depending on various factors, some players are expensive and some are relatively inexpensive.

You get a total of 100 Credits to spend and make your Fantasy Kabbadi team, it is extremely important to use these credits wisely and not just spend it all on the initial few players or else there won't be enough credits for the remainder of the team.

The performance of your Fantasy Kabbadi team is what will decide your rank on the leaderboards of the contest, the more points your team collects are directly proportional to the rank. Therefore it is very important to use these credits efficiently.

Team Selection Tips

1. Stay updated with Player’s info-

Choose your captain (2x points) and Vice-Captain (1.5x points) wisely that have a good track in the past in terms of statistics or performance as usual, it is such picks that help you make or break your team.

2. Correct Combination of players-

You need to have a perfect balance between the raiders, all-rounders and defenders to ensure you get the maximum number of points. You are allowed to select a maximum of 3 raiders, maximum of 2 all-rounders and a maximum of 4 defenders so be wise with the mix.

3. Check the news about the Injured player-

Stay Updated with Fantasy Kabbadi and Kabbadi news to ensure you are selecting upcoming stars or players that are in their prime form to ensure your picks are the best

4. Create multiple teams-

Try Different Combos, you can have multiple teams entering a contest which ensures you a higher chance of winning the prize and also allows you to pick different permutations and combinations of the team hence giving a good mix between the entries so that you can cash in the maximum amount of money in these contests.

5. Check out the points system-

Player's history regarding cards, the players are given a green, yellow or red card depending on their performance in the match if there is a player who has a higher tendency to get a red card you should avoid them as a red card gives you -6 points, a yellow card gives you -4 points and a yellow card gives you -2 points.

These tips will ensure that you avoid mistakes during the game and help you achieve a higher rank hence giving you better prize rewards in the world of Fantasy Kabaddi.

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