1) Where will I get my referral code?

Once you login, Click on "More" button at the bottom right corner of the screen, then click on Invite Friend option and there you will find the REFERRAL CODE and invite friend link.

2) How to get referral bonus?

• Deposit minimum 100rs in your PrimeCaptain Account to be eligible for referral bonus.
• Share your referral code or invite friends link with your friends using various sharing platforms.
• If a new user uses your provided link or Refer code during Signup then he is considered as your Referred user.
• Now on the first deposit by your referral above 100rs, you will be rewarded with 10% of his deposited amount.

3) Is there any eligibility criteria to get Referral Bonus.

Yes, To be eligible for referral bonus first you need add minimum 100rs in your PrimeCaptain account.
NOTE: User should be registered using your referral code.

4) How to utilize the amount of referral?

The amount of Referral BONUS can be utilized either in the withdrawal of money or can be used to join any contest present in PrimeCaptain Fantasy Application. The most unique feature of playing at PrimeCaptain is that you can withdraw the amount of referral bonus which no fantasy offers.

5) How much is minimum referral and winning withdrawal limit?

The minimum amount of Referral Bonus can be withdrawn is 500 rupees. And the minimum amount of winning balance withdrawal is 300 rupees. And there is no maximum limit of withdrawal of Bonus as it can exceed up to infinite amount.

6) What if the my user forget to enter your referral code?

If the your user forgets to use your referral code then you will not get any referral bonus on his deposit.

7) How can I change my referral code?

NO, you cannot change the referral code given to you. It is permanently set and is unique for every user.

8) How my referral amount get distributed?

The earned amount through the referral will be divided into 50% REFERRAL BONUS and 50% CASH BONUS.

9) Where do I find my invite code ?

To share your referral code go to PrimeCaptain > More > Invite Friends. You will find referral link and code which you can share with your friends.

1) How to do Mobile and Email Verification ?

• If asked, enter your valid mobile number, you will receive an OTP for verification. Enter the correct OTP received on the given mobile number and verify your mobile number.
• If asked, enter the correct mail id, you will receive OTP on the given Mail ID, enter the correct OTP to verify your mail-id.
Note: No Email ID & Contact number can be changed if the first transaction has been made.

2) How to do PAN verification?

• After email and mobile verification, you are required to check your PAN card details.
• Enter the correct PAN number and fill the details asked in the PAN card verification form then click on the verify button.
• After that, Upload a clear picture of the front side of your PAN card where your PAN card details and your photo is printed.
• In case your PAN details are incorrect it will decline and you will receive a message on a registered mobile number with the reason for declining your PAN card and correction required.

3) How to do Bank Account verification?

• Click on the BANK.
• Fill the details asked in the Bank verification form.
• Do not forget to upload a clear picture of your Passbook / cancelled check /online bank statement / Paytm Bank.
• Ensure that each of your details of Bank account number, IFSC code, account holder name is visible on the uploaded image.
• Click "Submit".
Note: Uploaded Pan and Bank details should be Same person. Two different users Pan & Bank details will not be verified.

4) How long it take to verify Bank Account and Pan Card?

To verify Bank Account & Pan Card it takes 24 working hours. If it is not verified within 24 hours then reach out to us on support@primecaptain.com

5) Can I change Pan and Bank details once it is verified?

In such case you need to reach out to us on support@primecaptain.com from your registered mail id and request us for the change with Appropriate reason, once your reason is accepted you will be allowed to upload new Pan or Bank details by following the same procedure as before.

6) Which state residents are not allowed to play Fantasy Sports?

Residents of the States of are not ASSAM, ORISSA, TELENGANA, SIKKIM & NAGALAND allowed play fantasy sports by law.


1) How much is minimum withdrawal limit?

Minimum referral withdrawal limit is 500 and minimum winning withdrawal limit is 300.

2) How long it takes to credit withdrawal amount my account?

The maximum time it take to credit the withdrawal amount in the account is 3-4hrs of bank working days. The user withdrawal request received on Sunday will get its withdrawal amount on Monday.

3) How can I withdrawal my winning amount?

Before you place a withdrawal request of your winnings amount, ensure that
* You have verified your PrimeCaptain account
* You have a winning balance of more than INR 300
Now go to PrimeCaptain > More > Accounts > Winning/Referral withdrawal.

4) Can I withdraw my Cash Bonus?

No you cannot withdraw Cash Bonus amount but it can be used to join cash bonus usable contest.

5) Do you have Paytm Withdrawal?

Yes we have Paytm bank with withdrawal. Paytm wallet withdrawal is not yet available, but will be available soon.
We don't have Paytm Withdrawals right now but, we are working on it. It will be available soon. As of now You can only withdraw through the bank and Paytm bank.

6) Is instant withdrawal available?

Yes, instant withdrawal is available, it only takes minimum 3-4hrs to process your withdrawal.


1) What are the ways to Add Cash in the PrimeCaptain Account?

There are various ways to add cash in PrimeCaptain account like

• Debit / Credit Card • Net Banking.
• Wallet like Payzapp.
• UPI App ( Google pay, Phone Pay etc).
• UPI.
• Paytm.

2) How much is the maximum deposit amount?

The maximum deposit amount is 10,000rs. It might extent depending upon the offers.

3) What if the payment is deducted from the card or any payment source but not added in PrimeCaptain?

If the payment is debited from the users bank account but not added to users PrimeCaptain, in such case there is a delay in communication among the parties involved in the transaction primarily from the bank’s end. User will get his/her money into their bank account from the bank end with in the working days of bank.

4) Where can I see my transaction history?

You can see your transaction history within the application itself. Your transaction history like Add cash, winning, league join, referral earned etc all the details with the date is mentioned in the transaction. Follow the following steps.

PrimeCaptain > More > Account > Transaction

1) How will I score points?

The users are awarded scores on the basis of the on-field performance of their selected players in the live match.

2) When are points updated?

Points are updated every few minutes during the match, however the final points and scores are calculated and updated after the match completion. For national and international matches points & scores are updated immediately after match completion, however to update local matches points & scores takes time.

3) When are winners declared and prize distributed?

The declaration of the winners and prize distribution is done only after proper points & score calculation after the match completion. Declaration of winners and distribution of prize for local matches takes time as the scores are being collected manually from the field and then verified and updated in the system.

4) Where can I see score?

You can see scores on the scorecard which is available within the application.Followed
PrimeCaptain > Scorecard > Select Match

How long it takes to update Point system after match completion?

To update Points/ranks can take some time than usual because we are trying to update the points on a real-time basis.We also verify the points with live score feeds provided by our official sources to ensure that the points/ranks are correctly updated after every match. Once the results come out the final scores, points and rankings will declare accordingly.


PrimeCaptain is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any sports bodies or teams.PrimeCaptain is completely legal wherever it is offered. Residents of the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Orissa, Telengana, Sikkim & Nagaland are not allowed to play Fantasy Sports by law.

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