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Play Fantasy Kabaddi on Prime Captain App

Do you remember playing Kabaddi in your school or neighborhood when you were younger?
Do you still want to play it? We are offering you a greatly upgraded virtual experience of your favorite childhood sport, called Fantasy Kabaddi.
It is a wild and entertaining adaptation of the former rural sport that is best played now in the fantasy sports world.


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How to play Fantasy Kabaddi?

3 Simple Steps to Win Cash

Select a Match

Go to the kabaddi menu and select the fantasy kabaddi match you want to play.


Create a Team

You have to select your fantasy team of 7 players with the given credit points.


Join Contest

You can join both free and paid contest


Select a Match

Go to the kabaddi menu and select the fantasy kabaddi match you want to play.


Create a Team

You have to select your fantasy team of 7 players with the given credit points.


Join Contest

You can join both free and paid contest

What is fantasy Kabaddi?

  • It is skill-based online game that allows user to create their own Kabaddi teams of real players & join the contest to win over the other competing players. The Pro Indian Kabaddi League is the world's largest mega kabaddi competition, held every year in India. Check out the Prime Captain app to play online fantasy kabaddi whenever a pro Indian kabaddi tournament takes place in India, as fantasy kabaddi on Prime Captain will provide you the best chance to win real money and rewards in online fantasy kabaddi on a daily basis.
  • One can use the free fantasy kabaddi contests on the platforms to develop their team-building abilities in advance for such exciting events. Once the player has mastered his fantasy kabaddi talents, he or she can go to the thrilling world of cash and grand league. Players can withdraw their prize money at any moment after a fantasy kabaddi match. The same can be said for deposits, which can be made any time using the Prime Captain app.
  • Playing fantasy kabaddi online daily is a purely skill-based endeavor that relies heavily on your knowledge of the sport and your own instincts. The ultimate goal is to create a match-winning team with the highest number of individuals capable of performing at their peak.

How to create a Fantasy Kabaddi teams?

Here is how you can create your own team for fantasy kabaddi. Choose a Kabaddi squad of 7 players, as follows,

RAIDERS Minimum 1 to Maximum 3 Raider
ALL ROUNDERS Minimum 1 to Maximum 2
DEFENDERS Minimum 2 to Maximum 4
SQUAD Maximum 5 players from a single team

Benefits of playing fantasy kabaddi online on Prime Captain

  • Play fantasy kabaddi to get a feel for the genuine game of kabaddi.
  • Earn real money by utilizing your sports knowledge and abilities.
  • Play on Prime Captain every day to improve your fantasy kabaddi knowledge and skills
  • Simple UI to play fantasy kabaddi online.
  • Less entry fee for fantasy kabaddi league contest.

Point’s distribution system for fantasy kabaddi

  • The team's captain receives 2x points, while the vice-captain receives 1.5x points.
  • Each player who is a part of the starting seven players receives eight points simply for being on the team.
  • Every extra or substitute player earns 2 points.
  • When the starting seven players force all of the other team's members to leave, they are awarded eight each.
  • If the opponent team pushes all of the starting seven players out, each of them loses four points (or gets -4 points).
  • If a raid fails, each player loses 2 points (or gains -2 points).
  • The raid bonus is 2 points and the successful raid touchpoints are worth 8 points.
  • Each successful tackle earns the player 20 points, with a super tackle earning the player an additional 8 points.
  • Based on their performance on the pitch, players may receive red card (-6 points), yellow card (-4 points), and green card (-2 points).

How to win fantasy kabaddi on Prime Captain?

  • Online kabaddi games demand skill, patience, and perseverance to win. We provide a transparent approach for delivering virtual games and then determining winners based on their performance. A fantasy player earns points based on the players he chooses and how they perform in real-life matches. This is applicable to any type of game, including Practice Contests and Cash Leagues.
  • Each league has a set number of positions that are paid. Please keep in mind that you will only be eligible to win a prize if you fit into that category. As a result, we suggest that you play our Practice Contests on a daily basis in order to learn and progress as a pro at the game.
  • Then after having an experience start playing paid Head-to-Head contests, then move on to the Grand leagues, participate in Leaderboard, avail exciting offers for specific leagues and you can win rewards.
  • If you are new to play fantasy sports online, then you can join Prime Captain’s free app (Available on Play Store).
  • Here is the Prime Captain Practice App to Join and play fantasy sports -
  • Where you can play just practice contests to know the rules and after becoming a pro, you can shift to our Fantasy Sports App which involves winnings and rewards facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Prime Captain, you may create up to 11 kabaddi teams. Prime Captain's Kabaddi game allows you to create several teams in its kabaddi game, which lets you win real money every day.

Yes, it's perfectly legal, and fantasy games have been exempted from the definition of gambling by the Court. It is entirely dependent on the participants' abilities; skills and you can thus enjoy playing fantasy kabaddi online.

In Kabaddi, scoring is relatively straightforward. Each opponent that a team eliminates from the game earns them one point. When attacking, the raider does it by touching and putting out opponent members. When defending, the raider must be prevented from returning to their own half.

In Kabaddi, bonus points are also available. The raider can get an extra point by successfully touching the bonus line in the opponent's half. A team receives three bonus points if all of its opponents are declared out, as well as a point if any portion of an opposing team member's body crosses the boundary.

Importantly, the same point system is used in fantasy kabaddi as well. It is very important to understand how the fantasy Kabaddi Point System works.

Visit our - Fantasy Kabaddi Points System page for more details.

While playing any sport, you get into complete fun and enjoyment. When you play online fantasy Kabaddi, you have the opportunity to make money while competing against live opponents; also, you earn in lakhs in the fantasy kabaddi game. Simply form your teams based on your kabaddi knowledge and join the contest to win real cash prizes by participating in the game. Making money will get easy once you have mastered the gaming strategy.

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