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Play Fantasy Sports on Prime Captain App

India has always been a sports-mad country. This passion for sports expands the potential for India's online gaming market. Online fantasy sports, which allow users to play fantasy sports based on cricket, kabaddi, basketball, baseball, and football, have today become a significant part of major sporting events in India. As they participate in additional sports and leagues, many sports fans and enthusiasts can make use of their knowledge of the game and player performances and even improve them. A community that enjoys sports and is eager to improve their knowledge of numerous sports has been developed by this online gaming industry. You can play several fantasy sports with Prime Captain to win and receive daily rewards.

What is Fantasy Sport?

We Indian's are much crazy when we talk about sports especially cricket and football. This craze is increasing day by day so, we have entered into this sector as we are also sports enthusiasts who are willing to entertain people through fantasy sports. The Indian fantasy gaming app industry is growing unconditionally, and many users are also looking into it.

A fantasy sport is a type of online gaming platform that allows you to create your own team of real players. You earn points based on the real-life performance of players that are converted into fantasy points. Your fantasy points increase based on how well your player performs in real life. You compete against other contestants and their teams.

How to Play Fantasy Games

3 Simple Steps to WIN CASH


Select a Match

Select any upcoming match you want to play of your favourite sports


Create a Team

Create your team of best players by using your sports knowledge.


Join Contests

Join the Contest & win real cash prizes.


Select a Match

Select any upcoming match you want to play of your favourite sports


Create a Team

Create your team of best players by using your sports knowledge.


Join Contests

Join the Contest & win real cash prizes.

Benefits of Playing Fantasy Sports on Prime Captain App

Mainly playing fantasy sports is beneficial thing from the user's perspective. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of fantasy sports games for users.

  • Playing fantasy games on the Prime Captain app increases the Decision-Making Ability of the user
  • It helps the user to plan efficiently
  • It helps to understand insights into the particular game.
  • Users can enjoy and get a realistic feeling of the game.

Below we have mentioned some of the benefits that you will get if you start to play on the Prime Captain Fantasy App.

  • Welcome Bonus Rs 100 (Usable).
  • Low Competition Platform.
  • Less Platform Charges, in every league.
  • Frequent offers
  • Best Refer & earn program.
  • Instant Paytm & bank Withdrawal Available.
  • Minimum Withdrawal Rs 199.
  • Daily Free entry & giveaways.
  • Affiliation Program to earn more.
  • Get Daily 21% Bhagidar Commission.

Best Tips and Tricks to Play Fantasy Sports

1. Always play selected matches:

Only play a few games in which you are familiar with the players and can put together a decent team, which will help you avoid losing money in a fantasy world. Always do research or follow someone's predictions if you don't know anything about a team.

2. Play small league contest: 

Playing with two to ten Spots (people) is always profitable and increases your odds of winning. There are fewer chances of winning if you compete in grand leagues with thousands or lakhs of other players. You'll continue to lose money, and you'll lose the ideal mindset for selecting the best team for yourself as a result of your frustration.
So, try your luck in smaller leagues, where you have a better chance of winning and making money.

3. Play Head-to-Head Matches:

If you are a beginner, then instead of joining the grand league directly, play a head-to-head contest in which you will have only one opponent, there is a high chance to win. Once you are confident enough then only think about joining the Grand League.

4. Don’t invest all the money in a single match:

In fantasy sports, it's always a bad idea to put all of your money into a single match. If you put all of your money into one match, you risk losing it all if you lose that match.

5. If you're playing a lot of games, divide your money:

If you are a regular player or a newbie, always prepare and select the match you will play in the morning and invest according to the match. For example, if you have 1000rs to spend today and will play 5 matches, invest 200rs in each match.

6. Do not select the default team:

Don't make a default squad because there's a good risk, you'll lose your money; instead, learn about the competition and players before putting together your team.

7. Participate in the Practice Contest:

If you are a beginner, begin by placing tiny wagers and learning how the game's dynamics work. You will not win every game you play, but persevere and keep playing to learn and earn more. Prime Captain fantasy app has practice contests for every match, you can join that contest daily for practice purposes.

For more such tips for different sports, Visit - fantasy sports tips & tricks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy Sports is completely safe and legal as it does not come under gambling but comes under the section where predicting takes some amount of skill/knowledge thus making it just like any other sport or game.

Fantasy Sports takes skills, knowledge, tactics, strength and ability to make informed decisions.

Anything that takes over 50% skill does not classify under gambling. Fantasy sports is completely safe and secure as it is regulated and there are taxes imposed on it as well.

To withdraw money on the Prime Captain app is quite an easy process. You have to go through some procedures to get your withdrawal amount on Prime Captain App. Follow the Below Steps, to get your withdrawal,

• Send withdrawal request through Prime Captain App.
• The withdrawal request will only be processed after successful Email, Mobile No, PAN, and Bank verification.
• All the details should be of the same individual for the KYC process. Easy Process withdrawal.
• You can withdraw your amount through this process.

Instant withdrawal is available on Prime Captain via Paytm and Bank transfer,it takes approximately 30 minutes for the instant withdrawal to be processed between 10 am to 2 am,if it takes more than 10 minutes then RS 10 is waived off and your full amount will be processed.

Prime captain is the best fantasy app to play daily fantasy sports as it caters to a wide variety of categories along with being safe, secure and legal, its withdrawals and ease make it the perfect app to play Fantasy Sports daily. What extra Prime Captain is giving to their users is as follows,

• Real time match updates
• Up to date points of your Playing XI
• Quick Settlements of each contest
• Multiple contests running at the same time
• Low Platform charges
• Instant Withdrawals via Paytm & Bank
• Amazing referral programs for passive income

The minimum withdrawal is RS. 199, there is no restriction to the number of withdrawals you can make in a day but the maximum amount you can withdraw in total is RS. 1 Lakh in a single day.

Prime Captain has a wide variety of games and contests one can participate in such as:
Fantasy Cricket
- 2nd Innings Cricket Fantasy
- Batting Fantasy
- Bowling Fantasy
Fantasy Football
Fantasy Basketball
Fantasy Kabaddi
Fantasy Baseball

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