Australian Men’s T20 League – Second LEADERBOARD

BBL 2022 offer Second Leaderboard

Australian Men’s T20 League - Second LEADERBOARD

Here is the second Leaderboard of the Australian T20 League 2022-23. The Leaderboard Prize will be 51K. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Leaderboard is valid from 6th Jan 2023 to 4th Feb 2023, I.e. For the next 31 matches. 
  • All Prime Captain’s registered users are eligible to participate in the Leaderboard of Australian T20 League. 
  • Cash Prizes will be distributed to the winner’s wallet till 10th Feb 2023. 
  • If a match is Cancelled or Abandoned, then its points will not be considered in Leaderboard. 
  • Users can join a minimum of 1 team and a maximum of 11 teams in the leaderboard. 
  • Only Grand League points will be calculated in Leaderboard. 
  • If there is a TIE between two users with the same rank and equal points, then the prize will be distributed equally. 
  • If you face any issue while creating or editing your team, please record your screen and share it with us, we’ll look into it and will take the appropriate action.  
  • Also, the Canceled Match will not be considered on the Leaderboard. 


TIP: More teams in every match, the more your chances of being on TOP of the Leaderboard. 

Buy a Prime Ticket of Rs.6999 & get a 25% discount on Grand League.  
Users will get FREE ENTRY for 11 Teams in each GRAND LEAGUE of the next 31 Matches in the Australian T20 League. 

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Showcase your skills by joining a Grand League daily and be at the top of the leaderboard. 

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