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Fantasy Cricket App: How to win in Grand League

Many fantasy players are competing every day with each other to win Grand League. But riding your luck and testing your skills is a thrilling experience for every fantasy player. Whether you’re new to fantasy sports or searching for a new challenge, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of the game. To make money in leagues, you’ll need some sports knowledge and some fantasy sports tips.  

And one most important thing is winning the Grand League on Prime Captain, or any Fantasy Platform also means a bigger reward for the winner. However, Grand League is not an easy task to win. You have to collect all data, Players Stats, and many more things. Even luck is more important. Fantasy is picking a height in India. 

So let’s get ready to win Mini Grand Leagues, Grand Leagues on Fantasy Cricket, so here we have some fantasy tips for lovers.  

First, know about some contests & Leagues.

Grand League, Mini Grand League, Mega Contest 

This contest is a very Risky but Huge Profitable Contest Because in these contests, many fantasy players compete with each other, and it’s not easy to beat every team with a single team. Many Fantasy users joined the same league with a different team like Team1, team2 and so on. 

Key Points to make GL Team on any Apps 

  • Select a good match 
  • Analyze everything like Pitch Report, Weather Conditions, Players Recent form. 
  • Always cover 80% – 90% safe players in your team. 
  • Take the risk on less % selected players. 
  • Take the chance on Making Capt. or Vice Capt. any one of them. 
  • Make your team in favor of Batsmen as well as Bowlers. 
  • Keep Joining the same league with different Teams like Team1, Team2, so on. 
  • Try to create a max limit of a team (On Prime Captain, you can join with 11 Teams). 
  • Create your Prime Captain team with different strategies according to the Pitch report, Player’s stats, etc. 
  • Start making Strategies before 1-2 days of the Match because, at the time of the deadline, you can’t be able to join with every team. 

If you are serious about Grand Leagues, it’s sure these points help create the best GL team and Winning Grand League. 

Out of Box Tips 

Make the team according to recent form, but keep in mind his earlier records, Big players always leave a significant impact, and many users don’t know about Domestic Players. You have a chance to create an enormous amount in a small Match. 

Play fantasy cricket on Prime Captain and win big daily! 

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