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The had its inaugural season in the year 1984, and ever since then, it has become an important event for all Asian cricketing teams. India has been quite dominant in the cup ever since its inception. The first season was inaugurated in the United Arab Emirates back in 1984. It usually follows the One Day International format of 50 overs but in 2016 it was the first time it was played in the format, the Asian Council then announced that no onwards it would be in the ODI and T20 format alternatively for the subsequent years.

The 15th edition is set to begin later this month on 27th August 2022 and was initially going to be hosted by Sri Lanka but due to the economic crisis in the country the hosts have been changed to UAE ( United Arab Emirates ), times are tough for Sri Lanka and having such a grand event when most of their population is suffering would not be good for the state of the country.

Originally it was scheduled to take place in the year 2020 but due to the pandemic and the restrictions it got postponed to 2022, finally, everyone is set to witness this legendary cup comeback into action and all the teams are extremely motivated to win it.

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Most Successful team in the Cup

Most Successful Team: INDIA (7 CUP WINS)

The first season and the latest season both were won by the Indian team and that can showcase how dominant they have been since the inception of the Asia Cup.

India’s Hot streak at the

In 2018 when they won and picked up the cup, they managed to defeat Bangladesh in the finals just by 3 wickets, and Shikhar Dhawan was named Man of the Match during that win.

The previous cup was played in the ODI format so that means that the latest upcoming season will be played in the T20 format.

Sri Lanka has been the 2nd most successful team in the history of the Asia Cup.

Asia Cup Schedule 

Winner India

Year Winner Runner Up Venue
1984 India Sri Lanka UAE
1988 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1990/1 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1995 India Sri Lanka UAE
2010 India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2016 India Bangladesh Bangladesh
2018 India Bangladesh UAE


You can see according to this India has been a part of the majority of the finals of the with Sri Lanka coming in at a close second.


Winner List 1984-2022


Years Winner Name Runner-up Name Host Country
1984 India Sri Lanka UAE
1986 Sri Lanka Pakistan Sri Lanka
1988 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1990/91 India Sri Lanka Bangladesh
1995 India Sri Lanka UAE
1997 Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka
2000 Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh
2004 Sri Lanka India Sri Lanka
2008 Sri Lanka India Pakistan
2010 India Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
2012 Pakistan Bangladesh Bangladesh
2014 Sri Lanka Pakistan Bangladesh
2016 India Bangladesh Bangladesh
2018 India Bangladesh UAE

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