India vs England Test Match | Ball-tampering incident at Lord’s

India vs England Test Match | Ball-tampering incident at Lord’s 

A picture and video went viral on social media on the fourth day of the second test match being played between India and England at Lord’s. After which the discussion of “ball-tampering” started. Actually, it is seen in the video that went viral that two England players are pressing the ball with their shoes. 

When India was batting in their second innings, after the 34th over when Sam Curran finished his over, the TV screen showed two England players putting their shoes on the ball. First, one player lightly kicked the ball with his shoe like a football, then another player pressed the ball under his shoe and rubbed it. Players have spikes under their shoes that can damage the ball.

What is ball-tampering? 

According to rules, if a player rubs the ball into the soil on the field or damages the ball with any sharp object, then it will also be considered a violation of the rules & this term is called “ball tempering”. 

As per the board rule, during the match, a player may use a towel to bring shine to the ball or if the ball has become wet due to dew or any other reason, but, if he uses any artificial substance for this. Then it will be considered a violation of the rules. The use of towels should also be done under the supervision of the umpire.

Reactions on ball-tampering 

After the ”ball tempering” thing happened in lord lots of reactions came out from famous former cricketers. 

Former India cricketer Virender Sehwag tweet about this incident, he said,  

“What is happening? Is it ball-tampering by England or Covid preventive measures,”  

On the other hand, England cricketer Stuart Broad has defended Wood by replying to one of the tweet

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