England vs India

England vs India 2nd ODI: Are the hosts prepared this time or are India ready to crush England again?

India completely humiliated the hosts England in the first match of this three-match ODI series, the match was held at the Oval in London. India managed to defeat England by 10 wickets chasing a score of 110 in just 18.4 overs.

England surely did not expect themselves to get whitewashed by this team as they are known as one of the top sides in ODI as well as they had home ground advantage too.

Extremely poor performances from this lineup will surely make England think a lot as to what exactly went wrong and what needs to be improved on before they face India again in the 2nd ODI taking place on 14th July 2022. I am pretty sure England will bounce back as they are a force to be reckoned with and will not take this defeat just like any other defeat as it has hampered their reputation.

England vs India| why India could crush England in the first ODI:

Bumrah’s extreme pace and form helped him pick up 6 wickets against the England Batsmen, Bumrah was phenomenal and managed to display extreme class against the England lineup. He was almost unplayable and nobody could manage to counter him. His staggering pace and hitting the deck hard with an almost unplayable swing left the England lineup flabbergasted and they could not interpret anything.

Bumrah also got amazing support from his counterpart Mohammed Shami who managed to restrict the England players by not giving away a lot of runs and bowling a perfect line and length, Shami showcased why he is evergreen and there is nobody who can replace him in the squad due to his experience and consistency for the Indian team.

Prasidh Krishna although bowled a couple of sloppy balls but still managed to hit the deck hard and make it tough for the hosts, he is quite young, and playing against one of the most formidable teams is not easy at all still he managed to perform well.

While chasing Rohit showed extreme class along with the support of Shikhar Dhawan, these two have been the backbone of the Indian batting lineup and always prove why they are so feared in world as a duo, they have scored plenty of runs together and have been an amazing opening pair for the Indian team. England bowlers could not even manage to bother these two and India won the match effortlessly without losing a single wicket.

India looking to be ruthless in the 2nd ODI 

The former world champions England won the world cup in 2019 and will be completing 3 years of lifting the most recent world cup by the time the 2nd ODI commences, surely an auspicious day for the England fans and team.

England will surely want to fix things up and not continue their form from the first ODI and will want to change things up in terms of their performance. They will have to figure a way of countering Bumrah and his extreme form as he will surely not back down easily because of his performance in the 2nd ODI.

Jason Roy is used to getting out on ducks and with his poor form it is a big issue for the England team, Jos Butler being the captain always has been fulfilling his role and trying to support the team in bad times and during early wickets but alone he cannot do much, the whole squad will have to perform as a unit and showcase why they have crowned the world champions back in 2019.

will most likely be missing out on the 2nd ODI too due to his groin injury and this could allow Shreyas Iyer to hopefully get an opportunity to showcase his batting skills as he did not get a chance to do so in the first ODI, despite Kohli’s recent performances that have not been so good, Sourav Ganguly is still heavily backing him as a few bad performances cannot take away the fact what he has previously showcased.

India will be looking to continue their ruthlessness in the 2nd ODI and will be planning to take down the England team in a similar fashion by showing complete dominance, it will be an interesting match-up to look out for and will be a battle of the giants both fighting for respect and victory.

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