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Asia Cup 2022 | Prime Captain Offers

Prime Captain Offers for 2022 

The 2022 is set to start on 27th August. The opening match between Afghanistan and Sri Lanka will kick off the tournament on August 27 in Dubai.  will play in one of the most anticipated matches of this tournament; it is not a regular day when these two giants compete; this match has always been significant for both countries, and depending on which one wins, there is a celebration all over India or Pakistan. A total of 13 matches will be played.
So Prime Captain is here again with some exciting offers. Let’s take a look. 

2022 Offers  

  1. Prime Ticket  
  2. Leaderboard  
  3. Real cashback offer  
  4. Instagram filter contest  

Prime Ticket

Prime Ticket provides you with an additional match discount. You have to purchase a prime ticket of a particular amount in order to receive related benefits.
The Prime captain brings a new Prime Ticket for the 2022. 

3199/-: Users will get FREE ENTRY for 11 Teams in each GRAND LEAGUE of 13 Matches in the 2022.

Asia cup PrimeCaptain Offers

Check details:- Asia Cup 2022 Prime Ticket


Whether you win the grand league or lose, you will have another chance to win the exciting rewards stated on the Leaderboard. Play every match, join the great league daily and win the leaderboard prizes. 

For the 2022, Prime Captain brings you a leaderboard of Rs.25K. 

Asia cup PrimeCaptain Offers

Check out The Leaderboard Details Here. 

Real cashback offer 

In this deposit offer, you have to add a specific amount to receive the cash bonus & 20% real cash back into your deposit wallet. Check out the details below.

Add Rs. 3456, and get a 20% instant cash bonus & 20% real Cash Back into your deposit wallet after the end of 2022.

Asia cup PrimeCaptain Offers
Check out the terms & conditions to avail yourself of the benefits.

Asia Cup Instagram Filter contest. 

You must use the Prime Captain’s cheers for India Instagram filter to take a selfie and upload it to your Instagram story in order to participate in our cheers for India contest. One lucky winner will receive up to Rs. 500 in actual cash in his wallet.  

How to participate?  

  1. Visit the Instagram profile of Prime Captain 
  2. Go to the effect section 
  3. Click on the “Cheers for India” link 
  4. Using that effect, take a selfie and post it to your story. 
  5. In your story, mention Prime Captain. 
  6. Invite your two friends to enter the competition. In the comment section, mention them. 
  7. One lucky winner will receive Rs. 500 in actual money for their wallet. 
  8. The contest will be live till 28th August, 07:30 PM.  


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